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Visions Music Academy is a music school specializing in lessons and student bands in Oceanside, California. At Visions, students are encouraged to explore and find their sound, guided by our amazing teachers and fun learning approach.

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WHAT  People   are saying...

KC has put together an awesome space for music at Visions. The four music rooms are spotlessly clean and loaded with instruments to play.

I highly recommend Visions Music Academy. KC Howard is amazing - he's a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and very talented (multi talented) musician and teacher! He and the talented musicians that make up Visions are incredible and I can't recommend them enough!

Great place to practice, nice rooms, friendly staff!

KC is absolutely amazing with kids! He is so patient and makes playing music fun while also being educational.

My son has been taking drum lessons from KC (the owner) for over 7 years! He makes lessons fun, sometimes playing drum games, sharing funny music videos and relating stories of his own musical experiences. More recently, KC helped prepare my son for his audition to attend a performing arts high school. We just learned that my son was accepted into the performing arts school. This was all thanks to KC!! --Carole

Visions is awesome. I've been looking for a place to rehearse in North County SD for quite a while and Visions more than fits the bill. Multiple rooms outfitted with all kinds of music equipment makes it easy to book time and have instruments at hand. I don't know how they do it but I recommend you get in on it while the gettin's good! ... nice people too! :D --Travis

The dude that owns it (KC) has seemingly infinite patience for teaching young children. For my very high energy son (read: can't sit still for most things) he has a way to keep him engaged and interested for the lesson. The little guy is always looking forward to music lessons. :) --Mike


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We provide instruction on:
|  Piano
|  Bass
 |  Percussion
|  Accordion
|  Saxophone

We also offer:
Recording arts, DJ and audio production classes.

Para clases en español: (760) 410-8041


Visions Music Academy offers a wide range of services from lessons and student bands, to rehearsal rooms and more. Whether you're an individual looking to improve your musical skills or a band looking for a place to practice, we can help.

music lessons

Learn everything from guitar, drums, piano, bass and ukulele to violin, brass, woodwinds and percussion.

VOICE lessons

Stretch those vocals with our experienced teachers who will help you take your voice to new heights.

Student Bands

We offer a band program where students can benefit in a focused group session.

Recording studio

Check out our recording studio, where students can experience recording their music.

Rehearsal Rooms

Band practice? We can accommodate you. Rent our fully furnished rehearsal rooms 7 days a week.

Concert Events

Witness the fruits of our student's labor by attending various recitals and concert events.

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Why Visions?

It's Not Just about Music

Visions Music Academy doesn't just help students find their sound. It gives students an opportunity to explore, blend and fuse their creativity across a variety of platforms.

Students don't just get better here, they are introduced to new opportunities to make their music what they'd like.

Rehearsal Studios

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If this is your first time renting a room with us, please fill out this Rental Space Agreement form.

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